Hello, and welcome to my courses.  I have taught at ISM and been Head of Science, Upper School, since 2007, and have been the founding and lead mentor for WE ROBOT Team 2705 since 2008.  I am a farm boy from Iowa, got my BS and PhD in Chemical Engineering from Iowa State, then was Assistant Professor of Chem E at the U. of Washington in Seattle, where my research was on protein and fermentation separations.  That was fun, but I wanted to see ideas put into practice, so I came to Minneapolis to be a researcher at Cargill, Inc, where industrial fermentations were taking off.  After 18 years I was Assistant Vice President and Technical Director and learned what I came to learn, so I returned to teaching, although this time I picked high school, so I could be there when students are deciding what they like and what they feel good at and what they want to do.  I am married, and we have a daughter working in graphic design, her husband and our grandson, and we have a son working as a mechanical engineer.  Give me free time and I will run, bike, swim, hang with friends, build something, or play with my honeybees.

Rod Fisher, 2017