• AP Physics

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  • Due Monday: 21: P-7, 12, 21,    review exam.

    Due Tuesday:    do complex pendulum in class.

    Due Wednesday: 21: P-23, 35, 53,49, 25

    Due :Thursday.  Bring video analysis of the lab data.   The video is posted in FILES on ISMScience.  For today, have your pendulum loggerpro video plots printed or on a laptop showing postion vs. time complete for 10 full cycles.  show x vs. t and y vs. t graphs for the run

    due  Friday: do one AP-C free response related to chapter 21.    ALSO Due Friday: Lab pendulum: bring your video analysis of the data --  Explain how you will extract data for "k" of the spring and "L" of the pendulum.  

    Due next Monday : chapter 12 problems from Barrons -- Practice exercises Barrons 12 MX 1-6; FR 1-2; bring the calculations for total mechanical energy of the pendulum at the beginning and at the end

    Due next Friday: memo report for complex pendulum

    We are plowing through charge and fields with the help of Barrons.

    1. we are starting electricity.  You are responsible to review the fundamentals of charges, coulomb's law, and the basic material of chapter 21.

    we will review this in class by reviewing the problems

    topics covered:

    problem 21 in detail.  then practice on this:  cylinder of radius r1 to r2 and with rho = br2.  what is Q?  Then do cube of size 40cm, with rho = 2r in one dimension.

    problem 23 in detail.  then practice on this: charge +q is position y above the origin.  Find E(y) for fixed position X on the x axis.  Sketch and plot before any math is done.